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100 Happy Days – Day 4

Starting the day off with the Belated Birthday Breakfast. I wish we had a picture from our table. But we went to our favorite Mexican food restaurant: Then Ron ran a few errands as I cleaned the place up for my little get-together with friends. We had such a great time together! We hung from…

Bright and cheerful!

100 Happy Days – Day 3

Today, my happiness came from so many things! I bought the most beautiful comfy cushions for my backyard! Here’s the pattern: And then after Kathya got off work, she and Michael drove down for a quick visit. They arrived at Alyssa and Josh’s house around 9 p.m. in their new car. We (Ron, Grandma and…

Times Square 2014

Goodnight, 2013!

Just a few minutes left in 2013. Doing our typical New Year’s… big dinner, a movie, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin saying goodbye to past year. I don’t really even need to stay up until midnight anymore. Watching the ball drop in Times Square is enough for me. A quick look back at Our 2013……