Swim with the Tide

As I prep for the Texas Unschoolers’ conference this weekend, I find myself reading a lot more Facebook posts. Parents write desperately about wanting their kids to learn more, show more initiative, stop playing computer games.  They have this image of what they think learning looks like – and their children are not fitting that…


Goodbye, Hank – RIP

Our beloved Hank the Cowdog was laid to rest on March 5, 2014. Alyssa and Ron were with him to the very final heartbeat. Hank’s health was deteriorating and just before Christmas, he was unable to walk and barely lift his head. He was out in the backyard near the fountain. He seemed to have…

Local Friends:
Tozi, Deborah, Angela, Cydney, Maxine
September, Me (with Buddy), Kim

100 Happy Days – Day 4

Starting the day off with the Belated Birthday Breakfast. I wish we had a picture from our table. But we went to our favorite Mexican food restaurant: Then Ron ran a few errands as I cleaned the place up for my little get-together with friends. We had such a great time together! We hung from…