Thanksgiving ’07

Another big get together for Thanksgiving this year.

Grandma arrived on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. She always thinks that’s going to be helpful.
Katie was having a private jazz class with Robin that afternoon. I had already begun cooking for the big event.  Everyone has a particular favorite food, so we make a lot. We can’t decide between ham and turkey – so we have both. (I know! TURKEY is a requirement. But several family members aren’t that crazy about it. whatever.) And some like regular pepperidge farm stuffing while others like cornbread – so, again, we have both. And all the rest….sweet potatoes (with marshmallows), mashed potatoes and gravy (thanks to Laura for fixing it), cranberries, etc. And a million pies!

Scott (Ron’s brother), Kim, Jade & Hannibal came in on Wednesday. We hadn’t met Jade yet – she was SOOOO cute! She’s 16 months. Julie picked up Kelsey & Kent so Alyssa went over there to stay a couple of nights.

Scott takes care of Jade the most. Probably because he’s a little hyperactive and needs something to do. He told me that he’d like to sell tickets to our big event. Simply because he thinks the conversations between the older relatives is hilarious. And especially when they involve me. For instance, they stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Pflugerville this year. And, of course, they got lost on their way to my house. But I was busy cooking, so I put the phone on speaker. Jade and Scott were puttering around the dining room, and could hear the whole conversation. They were arguing with me about which direction to turn. And then arguing with each other about which way they were going. It was kind of like a Billy Crystal movie. hahaha!

Uncle Jack, Aunt Marilyn, Laura Derrick and Jackson all came on Thanksgiving day. Thank HEAVENS for Laura – she rolled up her sleeves and helped a lot. She rescued my gravy!  Julie brought Jay along with the kids in time for dinner. Jay is amazed at the number of desserts we have AFTER a huge meal!  Since Jay was raised in Malasia, he doesn’t have any attachment to the concept of gorging yourself with family on Thanksgiving, as an American Pastime.  Anyway, afterwards, they all disappeared to watch the Cowboy game.

I love to cook for a lot of people. What I don’t love, though, is the clean up. Maybe next year I’ll hand out index cards to everyone telling them what portion of the CLEAN UP they’ll have to do!  That way I can relax!

The last of the company left Monday a.m.  And, Ron left for a seminar in New Orleans. The house is pretty quiet now. Time to get ready for Christmas!!!!



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