Texas State OVERBOOKED!!!

Earlier, I wrote about Michael going away to college. Well, the “living in the dorms” part didn’t happen. Texas State had a record number of students this year and in the first time in history were unable to house all freshman and sophomore students in the dorms, as is their rule. We were so bummed. This was going to be a big part of Michael’s experience. Since he didn’t know anyone, this would be a way to meet a lot of people. No sense in talking about all the reasons to live in a dorm, because it ain’t happeninBut we adjusted and went down to San Marcos to look for housing for him. After consulting several real estate advisors, we settled on Cabana Beach Apts.

Cabana Beach Apartments looks like a resort! They have roommate matching and it’s totally geared toward the college students. Friday night pool parties with free food from area restaurants, Wednesday night Wii games, shuttles to campus, etc. Hopefully this will all work out.

Michael just spoke on the phone today with his 2 roommates – Rob, a Senior majoring in International Affairs, and Clinton a Junior in Mass Communications (Radio/TV). I think it would have been better to have other younger roommates, but seeing these boys’ majors reassured Michael that all will be well.

He moves in on Aug. 22nd. He’s already told me that he’d prefer to just say his goodbyes here at the house, load his car, and head down there on his own.

Sigh. Β Β OK. I can take it.


Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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