Halloween 2010

We started Halloween weekend with a 3 a.m. Call Time for Katie on the “Bone Boys” set downtown. Ron went with her since it was so late, met the directors, the costume people and the caterer! It was all pretty impressive. They were filming at the jail on Guadalupe. Later that day, Ron went to San Marcos to pick up Michael, who is without a car but in his last year at Texas State University.

Friday night was Pflugerville High School’s last home game, and the Lady Panther Dancers had their “Bone Dance” to do. Everyone was excited to see it.  Ron and Michael met up with Julie and Allen in the stands.

Grandma, Cydney Romano, and Jose Benitez met up with Sue & Katie at the house. Their plan was just to come during the 2nd quarter and leave after the Halftime Show.  The show was great, Alyssa had a stunt where she had to be held up in the air in the splits and spun in a circle! Temperatures dropped and we buggaloo’d out of there when the show was finished!

While the game continued, we picked up Chocolate cake, microwave BBQ, mashed potatoes & macaroni (mainly for Jose since he had had oral surgery that morning). Grandma stayed back at the house to warm up with some tea, and Katie crashed on the couch.  (She had to go to Friday morning classes right after shooting the movie, so she was operating on about 45 minutes sleep!)The game ended and we all converged back at the house.

On Saturday, Alyssa had 3-4 parties to go to as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.
Michael’s Druid celebration was held at Mt. Bonnell on Sunday night. He thought the candles and dark clothes might have been a little spooky for passersby. Ron ran him back to San Marcos afterwards.
Katie helped hand out candy at our house, then left for a Cast party Halloween in South Austin.
Alyssa was originally going to have people over to trick or treat, but that fell through. Halloween falling    on a school night, curbed a lot of people’s plans. So she went to Vicente Rodriguez’s house and met up with a lot of people there. Then she went visiting people and came home.

With Sue hobbling around with a broken foot, we were lucky to get any Halloween decorations up at all this year!  And we never even carved the pumpkin that Katie brought home.  So we added some orange and purple lights to the front porch, plugged in our fake jack-o-lantern, and embraced another Halloween.



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