Homeschooled Voices: Listening to the Teens

I’m working on a book – and I need your help!

Everyone’s aware that homeschooling gains popularity each year. Still many parents have questions about whether it’s the right choice for their teenager. For some reason, when children reach adolescence, even parents who were happily homeschooling younger children, begin to have doubts about their ability to provide the right educational environment for their older child. Additionally, families who haven’t considered homeschooling before are looking at options for their children who are unhappy and withering in high schools around the country.
The good news is that homeschooling is no longer a new phenomenon.  And parents who have been unsure about what to do with the infamous “high school years” now will have the opportunity to hear from the ones who know best – those young adults that homeschooled through their teen years. Some may have dabbled in high school. Others may have never set foot there.
As a homeschooling mom, I sat at many a park day listening to the teenagers quell the other parents’ fears about their kid getting into college, meeting other teens, having a full, rich life.  Then I went to several homeschool conferences that had panels of teens fielding questions and sharing their experiences. It was wonderful!  But so many people won’t have access to these panels of young adults and many of the local homeschool park days are only filled with the younger crowd of homeschooled kids.  It’s sometimes difficult to hear directly from the homeschooled and unschooled teens.
This was the catalyst for the book, Homeschooled Voices: Listening to Homeschooled Teens.   It’s time for people to hear from the young adults who were homeschooled as teenagers – there are a lot of them out there now!   Once parents see the how these young adults are thriving, they will be reassured about their decision to homeschool through the teenage years.
But we need a few more voices for the book. We want to hear from these older teens and young adults who are busy living their lives – it just happened that they were homeschooled during their teenage years.  If you are a young adult who was homeschooled through your teen years, or if you know of one, please consider going to the website and filling out the questionnaire.  The book is set up similarly to those panels at homeschool conferences, lots of questions and lots of answers.  Readers will be able to see what the teens/young adults have to say on various aspects of homeschooling.  Because everyone’s experience has been different, they’ll be able to show how creating an individualized approach to learning has worked for theml!
Feel free to share the link, since we’re trying to include as many homeschooled teens as possible!
Or send any questions to me at

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