Upping the Exercise

This Fall, I became painfully aware of how my body is getting weary. I’ve tried to increase my exercise, but it comes in spurts.

First, I joined the gym – went to water aerobics 4 x/week, met with a trainer, recorded my food.  My blood pressure got a little wonky, so that was my excuse to cut back a little. I didn’t really want to pay for the trainer anyway, and she wasn’t crazy about my then-mostly-vegan diet. Temperatures started dropping, so running in and out wet from water aerobics lost its appeal. Thanksgiving came, and then that plan shriveled up to nothing.

After Thanksgiving, I needed to see a cardiologist for some arrhythmias I was having.  We set up a cardiac ultrasound and a Holter Monitor.  Of course, no flutters while I was wearing the contraption.  My friend Helen compared us to old classic cars, things starting to wear out and break down, needing a little tinkering here and there to keep running smoothly… But still loved and appreciated, nonetheless!

I got new meds for blood pressure, meds for high cholesterol, and encouragement to keep taking my Metformin (for this pre-diabetic phase I’m in.) I am 100% certain that if I could figure out a way to drop some weight, I’d drop all these meds too.  So my quest to find exercise I actually enjoy doing continues.  Some friends who are trainers told me that you really have to enjoy the activity – not the results or that it’s over. But actually like it. In my head, all I could think of was that the physical activity I ENJOY is sitting around. Not going to burn many calories that way!

I’ve been to the Nia Dance class a few times. I like it, but it really isn’t convenient. I’ll continue to go, but I can tell it’s not going to be my regular plan.

Each Sunday for the last month, I’ve gone wth Josh and Alyssa and the 3 dogs on a hike through the trails at Walnut Creek. Sometimes Ron joins us, last time Katie hiked, but always the 3 of us and the 3 dogs. Hank and Buddy get to be off leash and they love it. Gracie is getting used to being around other dogs and other people. She’s what we call “socially awkward.” But she’s getting better. I like walking the trails. I work up a sweat, so I guess I’m burning calories.

According Josh, I’m going to be his “Fitness Project.” With a firefighter’s work schedule, he is off 3-4 days per week. His plan is that I’ll walk the lake for a mile, while he runs the entire path (3 miles); and then we’ll trek over to the 24 hour Fitness gym for a workout. I’m a little uncomfortable because he keeps talking about other fire fighters that are going to join us. Oh, great. More witnesses.

But maybe it’s what I need to do. So I’ll make the effort. Wish me luck!


Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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