The Homeschooling Carnival

What a perfect way to start the new year – join the carnival!!

I’m opening up for more creative outlets this year, so I sent one of my blog posts over to the Homeschooling Carnival! This blog has been going on for a long time. It’s amazing to me how many fabulous blogs are available to homeschoolers now. I remember scrambling around trying to find little nuggets of information, but now…wow!

I haven’t read all of theย Archives for the Carnival of Homeschooling. But there’s one theme that was really cool –ย The Princess Bride. You should look at how creatively they did that.

Check it out!

I’m trying to figure out if an Unschooling Carnival exists. If not, I want to start one!!! I just like the idea a lot. Do you know if an Unschooling Carnival exists like this?


Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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