Moving Around, Exploring NYC, and some Senioritis

I thought I was going to do this EVERY Friday – but that was during November when I was getting all organized about blogging with NaBloPoMo!   So it’s time for another update, because quite a few things have changed.


Michael is still in Nicaragua but he is having to change host families. He was with a family that was very nice to him (most of them), and it was their first time to host a Peace Corps volunteer. Michael liked the people. I talked a little about them in our Christmas Eve blog post.  I don’t want to write a lot about the specifics, but the Peace Corps is apologizing to Michael and he has had the opportunity to canvas the town for prospective host families. His host families receive a good amount of money, so there were several in the running. One family that he liked very much needed the money a lot. They were really friendly and wanted to involve Michael in all of their activities. They had no door on his room – only a blanket. And the Peace Corps requires that the volunteers have a lockable door on their room. Michael and the family were brainstorming on ways to afford to fix this when the Peace Corps supervisor decided that the home would not be acceptable. It seems that the family lives within 50 feet of a river and they are on the side of a mountain. Michael told me the P.C. Supervisor said that’s the kind of home that gets wiped out in a mudslide! Yikes!
Family #2 were in much better shape financially. Nice home. Offered to cook for Michael daily. But the teens in the home have a lot of drama going on in the town. Probably not a good place to put a High School English teacher.
Family #3 was full of young adults. The parents are out of the country most of the time, and the teens at the house are cared for by aunts and uncles who are in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Michael thought this sounded like a LOT of fun. But their home is across the street from a pool hall that serves alcohol. Peace Corps Rule #something – not within 100 feet of a bar. And this counted as a bar.  Squash the party house. (whew!)
Family #4 is a Hostel. An older woman runs it and offered to feed him if he will bring home some beans or a chicken once a week. There are several people that live there permanently (her family members) and also passing visitors.  All criteria were met, Michael liked them. Voila! New home found.  Michael is off on some kind of learning trip to go on for 3-4 days in the mountains, so he plans to move out as soon as he returns. I hope that all goes well!


Katie is still having fun in NYC. She went back in time to watch the Ball Drop.  Temps are getting pretty chilly for her so we sent her an electric blanket. I love that she has a mail room IN her building. They even notify her if she has a package to pick up.  She’s having fun in her classes and getting a lot of great compliments from her instructors.  So we were trying to think where she was going to live for her 2nd Year with the New York Film Academy. It seems that most of her class is going to take the 2nd Year at the Universal Studios campus.  And Katie would like to go! She said that she reads about great opportunities available for students, then reads it’s at the LA Campus. So this looks like a good idea. Especially since she’s really interested in film. I think she’d like to return to live in New York, but we’ll see where the work is.  So. Now that we are all familiar with New York, we have to figure out how to do Los Angeles!  And she’ll need a car.


Alyssa has only 500 hours left to complete her Cosmetology degree. That puts her graduation around the end of April/first of May.  I think she’s getting a little Senioritis – she’s been going non-stop since June. With no break over the holidays! But that’s not her biggest news. She and Josh have decided they want to get married.  She plans to work for a year at a salon before the Big Day, so they’re planning on an April 2013 wedding.  We went to the Bridal Extravaganza at the Palmer Auditorium and have been on the quest for venue and caterers ever since.

Ron & Me
Ron’s still working his tail off and I’m working on my book. And hosting the Unschooling Blog Carnival.
But we did have a nice weekend at the Indian Lodge in the Davis Mountains. We even trekked over to the McDonald Observatory (read more about that) and got to look through the 36 inch telescope!

Never a dull moment! Right?


Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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