My Cyber Time Capsule – Five Ohh!

A year ago, I wanted to create a time capsule. I’m all too aware that my memory is fading a little. And I knew this was going to be a BIG Year.  I knew that Michael would graduate and hopefully get selected by the Peace Corps for…something. I knew that Katie was ready to move on with her acting.  Alyssa had had about all she was going to stand from Pflugerville High School.  I was turning 50 and Ron was turning 60. Those things alone, would be plenty to record!  I had no idea how much more the year would hold. (which is really ridiculous, because after 50 years, you’d think I’d learn that this is just How We Do It.)

So I started a Photo Blog last February on my birthday, and I called it Five – Ohh!  I had hoped to take a picture each day, but it didn’t work out like that. Some days I took more than one, other days I took none. I found the concept difficult to stick to, because sometimes something exciting happened in the morning, and something else exciting would happen in the evening. How would I choose which event would “represent” that day? Anyway, I think I ended up with close to 200 photos there.

My final entry in my Cyber Time Capsule

By summertime, I realized that I couldn’t keep my thoughts to myself. Yes, the pictures were great. But I wanted to say more. Thus began the blogging. I had blogged sporadically before, but now I had a reason. I wanted to keep a running journal (be it photo or written) of what was happening in our lives.

So I made my final entry in my PhotoBlog, Five-Ohh! last Monday, on my birthday.  And I really did create a great Time Capsule for my family. But what do I do with it? Just leave it to sit there in cyberspace? They’d probably never go to it. It’s a little cumbersome to scroll page through page. TheFive Ohh! archive allows you to just look at the collection of photos, and that’s cool. I guess.

Please help me figure out what my options are. I could make it into a slide show, like we did for Ron’s Father’s Day video. Or make a collage at Photobucket. But 200 pictures?  I’ve been wanting to try outBlurb, for book building. Since these photos are already digital and on my computers, that would be easy enough to do.

Any other suggestions?

A screen shot of what a piece of the archive looks like

Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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