A New Bed!

After 23 years, we got a new bed. It’s not that we had been sleeping on the same mattress for that long. We had a house fire and replaced our mattress in 2005. So, technically, we’re still a little early for “recommended mattress replacement.”  But, we did it anyway!
Ron and I stayed at a couple of places where we were able to sleep on king-sized beds, and really liked them.  Add to it that we really like memory foam pillows. So what does that combination give you? A Memory Foam King Sized Mattress from Simmons!
This way, when I come in late to bed, the bed won’t move at all. You’ve seen the commercials where the couple is jumping on the bed and the wine glass doesn’t spill? That’s what we have now.
It’s very comfy!
Now I have to figure out what to do with the wall, since the headboard is gone. Replace it? Put up artwork? Decisions! Decisions!

So what to do with the old bed? It’s going to go to the guest bedroom.  We split the bedroom set up.  I still kept my dresser in my room along with both bedside tables, but this other dresser (to the right of the bed) and the headboard will move with the bed.  The room is too small to put the footboard on, so it will stay in storage.

Now when Katie comes home for Spring Break, or when she’s back for a few months in the summer, she’ll have this nice room off the bathroom.  And when we have company, they won’t be relegated to a sleeping bag on the couch!
And with all the sheets and comforters we have in this house, there’s nothing king sized.
Off to Bed Bath and Beyond!



Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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