Packing It All Into February!


Michael had a great week in Nicaragua. He’s really settling in there and doing well. Here’s his most recent Video Blog. you can see any of the vlogs, he’s done since he’s been over there. He has a blog too, Nica Time, if you want to keep up.


Katie’s show, Pillow Talk, opened at the Player’s Club in NYC. Ron was able to go up there (for a whirlwind 36 hour trip. More about that below). Katie had the lead in her One Act play, and Ron reported back that the audience LOVED her!  He heard many glowing compliments of how well she is doing, what a hard worker she is, how great she is in class.  Yes!!!
One of Katie’s friends at school found someone that Katie could room with in L.A. They met and chatted and it looks like it might work out.  She’s having so much fun with her friends there – I’m glad several of them are going to go to LA for the Second Year of film acting with Katie.


Alyssa has moved to her final phase of her program. Students in “Avenue Four” are taking clients on the salon floor all week long. She’s really good at cutting, and especially good at color – so if you need something done… 🙂 Notice in the pic how all my gray is gone. Thanks to my own personal stylist, Alyssa!
Alyssa and Josh are getting excited with their wedding plans. We’ve firmed up the cake person: Krissy’s Cakes. And they’re trying to decide on different flavors for Groom’s Cake. They’re also furniture and apartment shopping this week. It’s fun to watch them figure out what to choose!
Alyssa turns 18 this weekend. She’ll be spending the day before with Josh (he works on the 26th), then his family is having a little party for her. She’ll be with us for the actual day, and luckily, she doesn’t have to go to school that day!


Ron is adapting to his new diabetic diet. He’s not happy about how much time he has to dedicate to staying on top of his blood sugars, but he’s doing fine with it. He added the laminate flooring to the new “Guest Room” this week. The new (old) bed moved in there. You can’t really see the flooring in this pic, but at least the stained carpet is gone. We splurged and got a new bed. Just when the kids start moving out and we should be downsizing…we go the completely opposite direction! This is our queen sized one we’ve had since Michael was a baby, now in the Guest room.

Since we missed last week, you should know that Ron took his first trip to New York City! He actually had a great time – adored seeing Katie in her show, and had a great time with her as she showed him around NYC. They skated at Rockefeller Center, toured the Empire State Building, visited her dorm, wandered through Times Square, rode the subway, ate a little cafes.  Katie took more pictures and they have an adorable one at the Empire State building. I’ll write a blog post next week about it and link it here. I’m so glad they got to spend that time together – just the two of them.


My birthday was this week! 51! We went to Mandola’s for Italian food. It was delicious. Alyssa and I indulged in some yummy dessert.  This is the way (for me) to go! Often, I’m the only one who continues to munch on cake for the rest of the week. So just getting one really fabulous dessert (Zuccoto Cake!), I’m spared the bazillions of calories of HAVING to finish off an entire cake over the course of the week! Alyssa is a new gelato fan. She brought me a very sweet card (from Josh too) and some lovely purple tulips. Beautful! Michael and Katie both called, and we had long talks. That’s really all I need for a perfect birthday. Still, Mom took me shopping for clothes. And many lovely comments on Facebook  and texting greeted me all day long.

My friend Lillian shared this with me today:


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