Updates, Birthdays and Baby Pictures!

2 weeks in one!

We had a busy couple of weeks so I missed my Friday Family Updates.  I’m never good on any kind of schedule, so why that surprises me, I don’t know!

So here’s a bulleted list of what the Pattersons have been up to for the last couple of weeks:

  • Alyssa turned 18 on the 26th. She had a little party with Josh’s family the night before. Very sweet of them to do for her! We shopped, went out to eat at Olive Garden, and hung out with the family on her actual birthday.
  • Katie turned 21 on the 28th. First time to have a birthday away from me…EVER! She went out with friends all day long. Her big gift this year was 2 tickets (great seats!) to see Seminar with Alan Rickman (Snape from Hogwarts).  She took her friend Allie to it and they loved it.
  • Michael is doing well in Nicaragua. They have 3 day weekends every week, which is nice. This week, he’s spending it in La Paz. They’re doing a Peace Corps inservice on Spanish. He’s going to be SO fluent when he gets home! The people in La Paz are wonderful to him, so this will be a fantastic week for him.
  • Pam Sorooshian came to visit for a few days. We worked on NHEN business and figured out a plan to sustain enough income to keep the website up. She and I spoke at an UCAustin event about The How’s and the Why’s of Unschooling.  We ate a lot of good vegan food while she was here and she’s really encouraging me along this path.
  • Ron and I went to Fredericksburg for a few days just for fun. We ate German food (decided we really don’t like it that much). I tried every bread pudding offered in every restaurant. If you’re going to be a connoisseur, A Connoisseur of Bread Pudding is the one to be! I’m also a Connoisseur of Stuffed Mushrooms. But not on this trip. We spent hours in a fabulous metal art place. I came home with a granite/wrought iron table, a blue ceramic pig and a chicken planter. We stayed at a great Bed and Breakfast called Hoffman Haus. They delivered breakfast to our door in a basket. Very sweet AND yummy! A super cool blonde siamese cat hung out with me all morning on the porch there.. Just like home.
  • I’ve decided to retry the vegan diet again. The goal this time is weight loss and getting rid of my medical diagnoses. Like I linked above, I’m Going Vegetarian. So far so good. I’ll send weekly updates on how that’s progressing. I’ve heard a lot of encouragement from people behind the scenes about doing this. I think I can do it. Now, the exercise aspect of losing weight…well, I’m sitting here typing instead of walking the dogs!!! :-/
I didn’t get around to my wonderful idea about creating books or videos for the girls’ birthdays. I wrote about it I Love A Party! I still might do it though. February always creeps up on me.
I shared a lot of great baby picture reminders of when Alyssa and Katie were born. For those who don’t really look at Facebook much, or just because Facebook stuff scrolls away so quickly, here’s our Blast from the Past!

Kaitlin Jean Patterson 

Dallas, Texas     February 28, 1991


It’s amazing how pictures can fade! The ones in the boxes did so much better than those in the scrapbooks. It’s like the color was just sucked out of them! Katie had tons of hair, as you can see! Ron was away at the Gulf War and Michael was at his Uncle Scotty’s house. The mum hanging on the TV says, Kuwaiti Katie. We always said she was born an activist, she stayed late inside me, refusing to come out until the war was over! That’s a Sit-In!
And how ’bout that Dallas hair and make-up?? hahaha!

Alyssa Jane Patterson 

San Antonio, Texas    February 26, 1994


 I love those pictures of Michael and Katie kissing their new baby sister, Alyssa! Julie and Zachary were in town for Katie’s birthday (2 days after Alyssa’s), so they were able to be there for the Big Event.  Look at her smiling!! So sweet!

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