What About Exercise?

My exercise plan is in full swing! Even though every day I have to talk myself into doing it. But it’s happening.  I topped 200 lbs. when Alyssa was born – 18 YEARS ago! I don’t think you can blame the fat on The Baby for 18 years, can you? No.  I’ve never gone below it since then.

I tried a bunch of diets and exercise, but it always ended in frustration. In 2008, I wrote a depressing little piece about My Problem with Dieting.    But with regards to exercise, I always gravitated to the Easy Route. If Oprah’s trainer said, “Just get up and move around.” I bought into that.  When I read that 3 days per week of 30 minute walks is a good thing – yep, I liked that one too. So last Fall, I got a gym membership, did a weekly hike with the kids and the dogs, and, in my mind, I was Upping the Exercise. Going to the gym lasted for about a month. I let the cost of the trainer get in the way of my learning more about exercise.  I still hiked weekly, usually. And I walked the dogs for 30 minutes around part of Lake Pflugerville maybe 2-3 times per week. Sure, I was less sedentary, but I finally had a realization when another year went by with the pounds NOT flying off.  If it took nearly 20 years for me to put and keep this weight on, it’s going to take some SERIOUS effort to get rid of it.  That means, exercising when I don’t want to. Doing way more. Sure, I’m sticking with my new healthy diet, but this exercise thing simply has to stay intense.  If you watch the Biggest Loser and you see how their pounds come off, you have to remember that they are working out 4-6 HOURS of their day! That’s a lot. My plan is to do about 2 hours. Every Day.

The dogs have to be walked at least 30 minutes every day.
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’m going to walk the 3.3 miles around Lake Pflugerville.
24 Hour Fitness offers some really good water aerobics classes. I’ll do 4 per week.

So. Now it’s in Black and White. That’s supposed to mean something, right?


Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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