June Update: Summer, A Circus, and Space

Lots of changes at our house… anyone surprised by that? ha! But everyone is happy and healthy, so it’s all good! Here’s what’s going on:
Katie on my New Couch!

Katie is settling in here at home for the summer. Josh had moved into her room with all of his furniture, so she was happy to move into the guest room.  She was never crazy about her bed, and the new “guest room” has a very comfy queen-sized bed. A definite upgrade! She started a part-time job as a waitress at Applebee’s but that just wasn’t for her. She got better at it, but the hours were too unpredictable. So she returned to Cinemark, and they gladly welcomed her back. I think this week she’s scheduled for 56 hours!! That’s what she wants – more hours, more money!  She and I have been to a couple of movies this month –Snow White and the Huntsman and Brave. She is able to see movies for free and take one person with her (also for free), so this is a nice perk.  We’re looking at all kinds of things for her apartment this fall. She’ll be going to Los Angeles for her second year with the New York Film Academy at their campus at Universal Studios. She is SO excited about this!
Alyssa is working at Milk & Honey Salon in the Arboretum. The unfortunate part is that the clientele at that salon is primarily suburban housewives, who are home with their kids on summer break right now, and not getting their hair done. This is the salon’s explanation for a VERY slow work week. She’s in their apprentice program and working as a Shampoo Tech, 3 days a week there. She’s keeping up her skills by working on people’s hair – cutting, coloring, etc. – in homes. The expectation is that she’ll move into a Stylist position in the Fall, when business picks up.  The other big news is that Josh and Alyssa signed a lease for a new apartment about 5 minutes away. She spends a lot of time over there, feathering their nest and planning for their future. Wedding plans are foremost on Alyssa’s mind these days. We’re meeting with caterers, gathering addresses, and I think she plans to send out “Save the Date” cards very soon.
Michael’s experiences in Nicaragua are going great. He stumbled upon a traveling circus and decided to put his Journalism degree to use. He went behind the scenes and got to know the performers. He wrote about the experience inInfiltrating the Tents of Circo Zuary and this article will be in the upcoming issue of the Peace Corps Magazine, La Pue.  Because he’s been a regular contributor, they’ve asked him to be the Editor for La Pue! Peace Corps volunteers rotate out of the country after a couple of years, so these positions rollover periodically. I’m very excited for him because I think this will be great when he’s done with this phase and ready to move on to something else. Who knows what THAT will be!?!?!
Ron is spending most weekends on Lake Texoma with the new boat. He’s been bringing parts home and we’ve been working on it here – sanding, varnishing, sewing sail covers, seat cushions, etc.  And today, I’m happy to report, he finally got the boat out onto the water! He said it was great! At nearly 30 feet, this is the biggest sailboat Ron has sailed on his own.  He loved it.
I’ve been working out for a couple of hours at least 6 days a week. I’m actually getting to the point where I like it a lot more. Especially the swimming. I have a trainer that I meet weekly, and we work out together for an hour, and then make a plan for me for the week.  We have a membership at 24 Hour Fitness, and I take their Body Pump and Water Aerobics classes twice a week plus a weekly Aqua Zumba class – which is very fun! On alternate days, I’m on the treadmill and the bike. I’ve veered from my Vegan plan, lately. And while I think I’ll be going back to it eventually, for now, I really feel I need to reset my metabolism and deal with my insulin/sugar balancing.  I’m reading 2 interesting books:
Why We Get Fat, by Gary Taub (The author of Good Calories/Bad Calories)
Flat Belly Diet, by Prevention Magazine
I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to adjust to the concept of kids growing up and leaving home. I think I’m finally getting to the point where I can see the Positives…like new furniture when they take away the old, more space to spread out MY stuff, more energy for my own projects.  Of course, some days I’m still teary, but I’m moving in the right direction.

Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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