Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

I was lamenting my dead passion vine yesterday… it succumbed to the heat (and my inability to water it regularly). It’s in a pretty hot spot in the front yard. As I was pulling into the driveway, there it was. Dry. Brittle. Yellow(ish). I’ll just go pull it up and throw it into the compost and lets get that useless little failure outta there!  were my only thoughts.

Until… I noticed this:

Nature in all its SPLENDOR!
Notice how you can hardly tell the cocoon from the dead leaves!

It must have just emerged from its cocoon, because it just stayed there, opening and closing its wings. I remembered when Michael had been a bug fanatic enthusiast for all those years; we learned that this was how newly “born” butterflies pumped blood into their wings.

I stood there and watched for a couple of minutes, groceries melting in my arms. The other day, we had spotted a similar cocoon on a nearby purple fountain grass. It was much easier to spot!  Within a few days, a similar butterfly was emerging from that cocoon too. But this time, my phone was handy and I took the pictures!

And today, I saw a beautiful butterfly just like this in the backyard at our Butterfly Bush.  Could be this guy – or one of his fellow Passion Vine Munchers. It was so beautiful!

I haven’t really had time to go back to look for more cocoons, but I think I’ll just let the dead Passion Vine sit out there a little longer. It would be worth it to have a yard full of these beauties!


Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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