“Mom! It’s an Earthquake!”

Michael called at 9 a.m. to ask if I had been watching the news. I hadn’t. I had barely poured my cup of coffee! He went on to tell me that he’d just felt an earthquake in Nicaragua and wanted to know what I could find out about it.  He said that reports were that it was 7.9 but some were coming in as only 7.6. He didn’t have much more information than that. The strange thing, to him, was how long it lasted. How it just rolled and rolled. He said it was very odd to feel the earth move underfoot like that.  My friend Pam had just been telling me about a recent earthquake in southern California that actually made her nauseous. This was a new feeling for her too, and she’s certainly felt her share of quakes. Michael said that no one near him, had been hurt. He was staying at Kathya’s family’s house in Carazo, on the Pacific side of Nicaragua. They were all acting fairly calm, but curious as to what information Michael could find out from me. I immediately began to comb the internet.

The earthquake was actually off the northern coast of Costa Rica, 87 miles west of their capital, San Jose. It was centered more than 282 miles deep. But you can see the close proximity between Carazo and Costa Rica! No wonder they felt it!

Tsunami warnings (meaning they are imminent) were in effect for the day. Michael was on higher ground – should I be reassured that he was on a side of a volcano?  Anyway, the tsunami warnings were eventually dropped with no occurrence striking any of the Central American coastline.

That night, my friend Lisa called to see if I had heard from Michael. She reminded me of the the earthquake that hit Nicaragua in the 1990’s – 116 people killed, 68 missing, and 1350 homeless. I had forgotten! Luckily, this one wasn’t nearly as devastating.

September 2, 1992 Masachapa Nicaragua earthquake

Considering the region is full of active and sleeping volcanoes, we’ll see if this earthquake does anything to stir them up!


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