Time to Get Organized!

Last November, I blogged about all the things I wanted to get accomplished in Lists, Lists, Lists! I got half of it done, but it bugs me that some of it still sits on the list.  While I’d love to write a blogpost about Procrastination – and I still might! – I’ve decided NOT to burden you with my unending lists!

I’m in the process of creating a notebook, something the FlyLady used to call a Control Journal. (I just went over there to get the link for this post and OMG! The FlyLady has gotten so organized!! So many more resources than when I knew about her in 2002! It’s great – I may start doing that again!

So far, here are my own “Control Journal” categories:

  • Medical (who needs what/when)
  • Dental (who needs what/when)
  • Projects with Goals (Book, Health, Garden, Toci, Writing, Odds/Ends)
  • Housecleaning plans (FlyLady time again? or SHE?)
  • Passwords
  • Recipes for the week

And I bought this timer at Target. It is now deemed My Sacred Timer. I may even decorate it! I’m going to carry it around and not let time get away from me. I’m going to use it so that I can CONTROL the amount of time I spend on things. I cannot TELL you how often I look up from my laptop and hours have passed by. I don’t even have that great of a Bejeweled score, iykwim! (Actually, right now I do have the highest score I’ve ever had, but I digress…and that seems to be a chronic problem!)


Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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