Losing Daisy

Our dear friends in California, the Sorooshians, suffered a shocking and devastating loss this past weekend.  Roya, who was in her final weeks of pregnancy, went to the hospital because of decreased fetal movement. They found that Daisy had no heartbeat.  Roya & Adam’s unborn daughter, Pam & Cyrus’ first grandchild, Roxana & Rosie’s first niece was gone.

A few days later, Roya wrote this:

Yesterday, after about 65 hours of pitocin, labor, and a fog of other pain meds, doctors and nurses, I pushed for about fifteen minutes and delivered. She had, by freak accident, wrapped the cord around her neck twice. There was nothing we could have done, and the chances of it happening were so, so small. It won’t impact (physically) our future pregnancies, and for that I am grateful. I am grateful for a lot, these last few days. The nurses and doctors here have been beyond wonderful, I have received so much kindness from friends, my family has been supportive times a zillion, and my husband has been more amazing than I already knew was possible. I am overwhelmed by, well, a lot right now, I just wouldn’t have thought that gratitude would have been so high on my list. Thank you everybody. Go hug your kids.

We mourn with them during this incredibly difficult time.  Some of Roya’s coworkers have set up a fundraising website to offer financial support that will help cover the expenses of their tragic loss. Please consider making a donation – it would be most appreciated.



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