The Life of Ron’s Lemon Tree

Ron’s Lemmon Tree produced the juiciest most wonderful lemons we’ve ever tasted!  Alyssa even took one to work and they did a taste comparison between Ron’s and the organic lemons the stylists brought in for their water. Hands down, Ron’s lemons won!

But Ron’s Lemon Tree has not had an easy life! We bought the little twig at a local nursery in Wichita Falls, eight or ten years ago. We had so much going on, we weren’t that great with the gardening. It would sit outside in a pot, dry out, get watered and occasionally fertilized. Freezing temps would come and we’d bring it inside. But again, it would find itself neglected and dry. Often it would sit by the pellet stove – it seemed to like the warmth…until we’d forget to water it. Year after year, it would produce the most wonderful smelling flowers, only to disappoint Ron with no fruit.

Ron’s Lemon Tree suffered its share of tragedies – sometimes all the leaves would fall off and it seemed it wasn’t going to make it. But we’d load it up with fertilizer, pay closer attention (briefly) and it would bounce back. This was not an infrequent occurrence.

We moved to Central Texas and Ron’s Lemon Tree seemed happier. But no lemons.

This past year, it spent the winter in my new greenhouse. It seemed ok until I noticed the leaves starting to curl. Then it was covered with black powdery stuff. So I read a variety of websites, made the diagnosis, and then painstakingly wiped every leaf with watered down alcohol. “Painstaking” is a slight exaggeration because many of the leaves had already dropped. There weren’t that many to wipe down. Ron was about to give up.

Spring turned to summer and the lemon tree flowered again! Tiny little green lime-looking things replaced the buds. But oddly enough many just fell off. They seemed kind of like mutants!

But we kept watch. The tree had started growing but we didn’t dare disrupt it – there were actually tiny little lemons still clinging to the spindly branches!
Ron would shake his head in gloom.
“My lemon tree will never come through,” he’d lament.

And then a funny thing happened. Several of the mutants began to grow!

Some branches – there are only about 5 – were laden with lemons. Others had only leaves. We didn’t know if we should pick off some so the others could grow. But we decided to let nature take over. We kept watering, did a little more fertilizer, and then decided it was time to harvest.  I was going to be out of town for a couple of weeks, and I was afraid Ron’s Lemon Tree might fall to some unfortunate circumstance – no water, dogs decide to chew off the lemons, who knows what could happen!

So we picked them and placed them on the window sill. The green began to fade, and suddenly VOILA!

I have really no idea how long they grew on the branches. Or how long they are supposed to! Or if it’s it better to let them ripen on the tree. But these were excellent!


Now that the lemons have been harvested, I added more dirt and moved Ron’s Lemon Tree to a bigger prettier teal colored pot. The plan is to let it live in that, somehow carrying it over to the greenhouse and hope that the black sooty mold does not return! And, we hope Ron’s Lemon Tree has a much longer happier life, producing the best lemons anyone has ever tasted!


Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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