A Week of Thankfulness

November is all about thankfulness and gratitude, don’t you think? I was inspired by the people on Facebook who are giving their Day-by-Day Thankfulness posts. I’ll just lump them in here on a Week-by-Week basis.

Day 1

  • I have so much gratitude for all those fun years of trick-or-treating, pumpkin-carving, costume-making. Halloween was great!
  • I’m feeling grateful for blogging and Facebook – it’s been a great way to stay in touch with people I might have lost along the way with all of our moves. ♥
  • And on Dia de los Muertos, I am grateful for all who are no longer with me. I think of you often, especially today.

Day 2

  • I’m grateful to be able to talk to Michael on Skype and on the phone.
  • I’m grateful that he is doing well and really happy.
  • I’m grateful to have the money available to finally have a fireplace again. So even if the workers are not doing that great, I have gratitude that it WILL get done!

Day 3

  • I’m grateful to have so many smart  and compassionate friends!
  • I’m happy to have learned about the Nate Silver 538 Blog
  • I say thank you for Honey Crisp Apples! Perfection!

Day 4

  • I’m thankful to get an extra hour of sleep this morning from Daylight Savings!
  • I’m thankful that Katie is having so much fun with Kirby and today they are at Disneyland together. She deserves to be happy!
  • I’m thankful to have so much time with Alyssa on her days off – when Josh is at work – and to be baking cookies with her again!

Day 5

  • I’m thankful for the little drive in the country I had with Josh and Alyssa. I’m thankful that they like to include me. I’m thankful that they are so in love with each other.
  • I’m thankful that I made it to another session with my trainer, Michelle, who is such a sweetheart! I’m thankful that she’s going to come to my Cookie Exchange and bring Healthy Protein Cookies.
  • I’m thankful that my fireplace passed inspection today! On to the electrician and the sheet rockers!
  • I’m grateful for the early evening darkness… I like it.

Day 6

  • I’m thankful that I already voted and don’t have to brave the lines today.
  • I’m really grateful to have discovered Spotify 
  • I’m thankful that we have a great dentist and Alyssa’s cavities weren’t too bad
  • I’m grateful that everyone came over to watch the election results and eat dinner
  • I’m grateful that Elizabeth Warren won a seat in the Senate
  • I’m grateful that the American public did not tolerate the men who made idiotic statements about “that rape thing”
  • I am SO grateful that Barack Obama was reelected President of the United States of America

Day 7

  • I’m thankful that the people that really had such ugly ignorant things to say about the election, simply unfriended me on Facebook.
  • I’m thankful to have post-election texts from my friend Laura, who worked so hard and sacrificed so much for the election
  • I’m grateful to be able to walk the lake with Alyssa and the dogs – even though it got dark fast
  • I’m grateful to have the time to talk to her about…all kinds of things!
  • I’m grateful that I’m really enjoying the Chopra Meditation Challenge – and haven’t missed a day!

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