Week 2 of Thankfulness

Continuing on from last week

Day 8

  • I’m thankful to spend the evening with my friend, Cydney, shopping in IKEA until it closed. And then, of course, our hour of conversation in the car in the driveway. πŸ™‚
  • I’m grateful for autumn evenings! It was a fabulous temperature and just the right amount of breeze.

Day 9

  • I’m grateful for Pinterest! I’ve set up a board specific to my Cookie Exchange. If you know of a great cookie recipe that we should share there, email me and I can let you pin onto that board (somehow!). Or just email me the link or the recipe!
  • Which leads to to gratitude for Cookie Exchange friends…now and from the Past!

Day 10

  • I’m grateful for having the energy and brainspace to keep juggling everything!
  • I’m grateful to spend the afternoon at East with Cydney & Kim – so much fun and interesting art!
  • I’m grateful to have a lovely dinner on the patio with them at El Chile
  • I’m grateful to still have time to spend the later part of the evening with Alyssa

Day 11 – Veteran’s DayΒ 

  • I’m thankful to all the veterans and their families who have given so much for our country.
  • I’m grateful that Ron took my mom to Mass so I could go to Toci today
  • I’m grateful that I was able to hear some interesting ideas about the Divine Feminine Archetypes
  • I’m grateful for the friends we’ve made at Toci
  • I’m grateful to find a wonderful tile store: Floor Decor.
  • I’m grateful that Josh & Alyssa came over to help paint the fireplace and the wall
  • I’m grateful to spend the evening with them, cooking, painting, chatting
  • And I’m grateful for completing Week One of my 21-day Meditation Challenge!

Day 12

  • I’m grateful to wake up to 42 degree weather!!
  • I’m grateful that Ron left the fireplace on for me so I could drink my coffee by the toasty fire.
  • I’m grateful to get to know my trainer, Michelle, better.
  • I’m grateful to Josh and Alyssa for coming over to paint more!
  • I’m REALLY grateful for Gingerbread Lattes!

Day 13

  • I’m grateful that Kim shared her photos from our Dallas Road Trip (I’ll post these soon)
  • I’m so grateful that we’ve finished the new fireplace wall
  • I’m grateful to Kim for sharing her friend with all the free granite.
  • I’m grateful to have friends to go out to lunch with – Cydney & Kim at The Dahlia Cafe in Liberty Hill
  • I’m grateful for great food!
  • I’m grateful to see Kim’s incredibly inspiring home.
  • I’m grateful to get together with my group at Maxine’s house tonight – love that POD!

Day 14

  • I am grateful that Alyssa has learned so much about hair, andΒ while her experience there is trying at times, she is growing so much!
  • I’m grateful that Michelle was willing to help Alyssa out.
  • I’m grateful for my friendship with Michelle.
  • I’m grateful to Josh and Alyssa for all their hard work on painting the downstairs!!!
  • I’m grateful for a delicious dinner post-painting at Logans – and a really great waiter, Wes.
  • I’m grateful that Alyssa is always wanting to include Grandma.

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