Thanksgiving Eve

I was so proud of myself! All the groceries for Thanksgiving dinner were purchased ahead of time. I was straightening up the house since lots of stuff was moved around from all the painting. I was pondering what I might write about THIS year’s Thanksgiving – I thought I’d later reminisce a little about past Thanksgivings I had blogged about. I had nearly finished another week of gratitude, where I’d written each day about what I was thankful for. Suffice it to say, the day was going SOO smoothly.

Alyssa & Kaci swung by in the morning before picking out some hair color. I chatted with Josh later about doing great on his probationary tests – hard to believe it’s been a year of probation, but YAY! He did it!

I talked with Katie on the phone about her flight plans for tomorrow. She arranged the shuttle and is getting picked up for the airport at 9:30 a.m. for a 1:30 p.m. flight. That is definitely her father’s DNA, not mine! Still, I’m happy because she’ll be here soon! Oh, and she forgot to mention that Kirby would be coming for dinner too. We’ve always been a “the more the merrier” kind of family, so that was fine.

I talked to my mom about going out to dinner tonight – she was doing well and filled me in a little about her day.

Ron came home early to do a little caulking and floorboard work. Painting the downstairs was at a good stopping place.

I decided I’d go to dinner with the family instead of my Toci class. Traffic was bad today, and then I wouldn’t have to cross town. Plus, it’s nice to hang out with all of them when I get the chance.  The plan was that I’d work on defrosting the turkey after dinner, and finish with baking the pies. I had a You Tube video set up to walk me through pie crusts from scratch, so I was set. I thought.

Interesting that the Chopra Meditation I listened to was about Detachment, and not being so connected to the outcome.

Good thing.

Because in the middle of dinner at the Olive Garden, my mom leans over to me, “I think I feel a little faint.”
“Do you hurt?” I ask.
“no.” but very quietly.
“Are you hot?” Alyssa asked.
“Yes.” So I reached over to help her out of her sweater.

She began to droop. Not completely but I could feel it coming. She kept wanting to leave the room, but I wasn’t sure she’d really make it very far.
And then she fainted. Luckily, when a person is seated in a chair, all you really have to do keep them from falling out of it, is keep them propped up. I held her head. Josh held her shoulder on the other side. Alyssa was already calling 911.

Ron switched places with me so I could talk to the 911 people. She was only really “out” for about a minute. She could mumble. She said she could hear us, but just not answer.

The poor Olive Garden staff was trying so hard to be helpful. I had to have manager read the bill to me, because I couldn’t find my glasses to see it! So while we’re waiting for EMS and paying the bill, the waiter is bagging up the leftovers, and Grandma starts to become more alert. She’s not happy with us calling 911 – never wants to make a scene, you know! About that time, the ambulance pulls up at the side door near our table and Alyssa opens it so they know they’re at the right exit. The alarms go off on the door and the manager just holds a napkin over it so it wouldn’t be so loud.

It was odd how some people were really curious and watching. Others were determined to not let it interrupt their dinner! The table next to us turned to Alyssa to tell her they wished they could do something to help. But between 2 nurses, a firefighter, and a granddaughter who has been through this with her grandma at least 5 times, we had it covered.

So, an ambulance ride to the E.R. for Grandma and me.

Ron took the kids back to their car and then met me up at the hospital.

All her tests turned out normal so the assumption is that she had too much food for her hiatal hernia to handle. Who can resist all that Olive Garden salad and breadsticks though? A little Zofran for nausea, some Morphine for pain, a couple of barf bags for the road, and we were ready to go.

Three hours later we were released from the ER, swinging by Grandma’s apartment to pick up her dog and an overnight bag. Then, back to my house, and Grandma up into the spare bedroom.


I wish the house was straightened up more for company tomorrow. Probably I can get it finished in the morning.

Luckily, I read the FlyLady article about back up plans. I had picked up some store-bought premade pie crusts – so we won’t have to do without our beloved pumpkin and pecan pies. Just not the year to try crusts from scratch.

The turkey has been soaking in water in the sink since we got home. Hopefully, it will be thawed enough for in the morning (yes, it will return to the fridge when I finish here.)

And there you have it.

Thanksgiving Eve.

Never a dull moment. Glad my mom is okay, and that I feel relatively okay with the fact that this Thanksgiving may not be going as planned.


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