Alyssa’s Bling Bridal Shower!

Mom and daughters

Mom and daughters

While Katie was in town over the Christmas break, she and Alyssa’s other bridesmaids put together a Bridal Shower. And, since it was Alyssa, the theme was BLING!!

The room was filled with “diamonds,” crystals, pennants, banners and balloons! Lots of sparkle! We were determined to make this a fun party – and I think the girls pulled it off!

About 25 guests arrived for 2 hours of fun, food, games and gifts! Each of the bridesmaids were responsible for different games and party food.

Too many pictures to put them all on one blogpost. So click here or the photos below to take you to:

Bling Bridal Shower Food
Bling Bridal Shower Decorations

Bling Bridal Shower Games (hilarious pictures!)






And REALLY great gifts!!!

And REALLY great gifts!!!


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