Bling Bridal Shower Games!

We played quite a few games in our 2-hour window!

  • The Bell Game
  • Bridal Shower Trivia
  • Bridal Veil Competition
  • Bridal Pictionary
  • Bride-to-Be BINGO

The Bell Game

Bling Bridal Shower

Bell Game Winner!
Hmmmm….This is suspicious!
Alyssa’s Grandma won the Bell Game.
It seems the party-goers near her were handing bells over to them as *they* acquired them! Grandma seemed a little baffled. ha!

How Well Do You Know the Bride?
Turns out, Alyssa’s future mother-in-law did!

Lots of funny answers on this game!

Bride-to-Be BINGO!
Lots of winners with this game!

Bridal Bingo Card
A fun layer of activity while the Bride-to-Be opens her gifts

Bingo Prizes: PINK RING POPS!

Bingo Prizes:

Bridal Pictionary
Bridesmaid Ashley did a great job with a Tournament-style format for this game!

Youth Prevails!

Bridal Veil Competition

I’ve never seen this game played this way – it was so much more fun!
Bridesmaid Alyssa brought all kinds of craft supplies and set the teams to work!

Veil game

Teams working like crazy!

Teams working like crazy!

And then on to the competition….

Raven's team

Model Bride: Raven

Cydney's "Bride"

Model Bride: Cydney

The Winner!

Model Bride: Lyndsey

Bride Model: Aunt Mari

Model Bride: Josh’s aunt

All our Bridal Veil Competitors

Bridal Veil Game Winner: Lyndsey!That garter sealed the deal! ;)

Bridal Veil Game Winner: Lyndsey!
That garter sealed the deal! πŸ˜‰


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