Birthday “Month”


Here is our birthday line-up:

February 20 – Me!
February 26 – Alyssa
February 28 – Katie
March 8 – Ron
March 22 – Michael

People are always taken aback a little when they realize how ALL of our birthdays happen in about a 30 day period.

When the kids were little, we used to say, “We put the Birthday Flag out and then don’t take it down until Easter!” That was the truth, back when I used to put decorative flags out front.

And, now, we’re coming up to the tail end of our Birthday Marathon.

Two of our Birthday Babies are far far away from me. That’s been a real adjustment. I have this innate urge to party plan, but I have to leave them to their own ways now. I had some great ideas for videos or photo collages, but those didn’t happen either. It seems that all my creative energies are going into The Book and The Wedding.

But that’s all okay.

I had a lovely birthday lunch with friends at EastSide Cafe with friends and Alyssa was able to join me. Then we went out to eat again the next day with family at Papadeaux. I love celebrating multiple days!!

The garden fence from Ron plus gifts from friends

The garden fence from Ron plus gifts from friends

Alyssa started her day with the customary IHOP breakfast. We had to swing by her salon, where they had decorated her station with crepe paper and balloons. They even made her a little birthday crown! Such sweet people!  Then we had a full day of shopping. She had even forgotten about some of the clothes Grandma had bought her a few weeks before, so unwrapping was a lot of fun! Josh had to work, so we just packed it all in! She ended up with more loot than ever! And we wound up the day with Pink Ice Cream Cake!

Alyssa's 19

Katie had all kinds of fun in California!! She wasn’t expecting to do much, maybe a party on the weekend after Saturday’s classes. She went out to purchase her own Raspberries and Cream Puffs…as is her customary birthday breakfast. Unfortunately, for me, she has to buy those for herself now. But her day just kept getting better!

Fresh Raspberries and Cream Puffs

Fresh Raspberries and Cream Puffs

She was surprised to find one of her roommates greeting her at school with a cake! A group took her out for Sushi for lunch (her favorite!) And then, on FRIDAY, not Saturday as she had expected, they threw her a surprise party!  Because she’s a SAG member, she gets copies of the movies up for Academy Awards. So they all sat around watching Silver Linings Playbook.

Tomorrow, Michael heads to LaPaz to celebrate his 24th birthday with his fiancée and her family. It’s the start of Semana Santa (Easter Week), so there will be lots of overlapping celebrations!

I guess they all are doing okay with their birthdays on their own. I’m content, knowing that they’re all healthy and happily off on their own adventures.

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  2. Pingback: Goodnight, 2013! | Lifelong Learning

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