The Unschooling Pinterest Connection

When I first stumbled upon Pinterest, I had no idea what I was playing with. Initially, it seemed like a fairly simple bookmarking system for those more visually inclined. This worked for me, because I am. But as word of Pinterest spread and I became more adept at using it, I felt like something new … Continue reading The Unschooling Pinterest Connection

Boys & Writing: Our Journey

Why are those two words never paired together? I've been reading about families who try to create environments that might coax their sons to write more. So I think it's time to share how we dealt with writing, when my son was growing up. I never really paid a lot of attention to Michael's penmanship … Continue reading Boys & Writing: Our Journey

Music and Life

A very simple video to show how always looking forward to something, prevents you from realizing that NOW matters. Don't waste your life always hoping for that next best thing! This video was written by Alan Watts, a British philosopher, writer, and speaker of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. The illustrations might look familiar … Continue reading Music and Life