Dog Adventures: Locked Out on the 3rd Floor Balcony!

RIder and Gracie in my backyardWith four dogs between Alyssa and me, we have a lot of funny story dog adventures. I’m not sure if I blogged about Rider, the newest addition, half German Shepherd and half Belgian Malinois.  Frankly, when you see pictures of the Belgian Shepherds, I think that’s what he really is.

So today’s adventure…

8 a.m. After being awakened by Rider peeing on the bed, Alyssa moved to the couch. Rider has had a UTI, and is getting a lot better in this regard, but somehow, signals were missed, and, well, he had An Accident.
10 a.m. Alyssa gets up to feed the dogs and steps out onto the balcony, into the 48 degree morning. She has a fleeting thought of not shutting the door, but didn’t want the dogs clamoring to get into the dog food.  She’s scooping food and suddenly hears, “Click.” Without even looking up, she knows what’s happened. Rider has thrown himself against the door handle and pulled the lock down.
Her voice echoes across the empty parking lot, most of her neighbors have gone to work. She tries to get the dog to throw himself against the lock again. She calls to Gracie but she can’t figure out what she’s being asked to do and begins to howl. Rider decides it’s time to give up on Alyssa’s Game and starts to play with Gracie. But Gracie senses something is wrong and is simply irritated by Rider’s insistence.

Alyssa knows that Josh won’t be home for another 2 hours, and decides to have a seat on the lawn furniture out there. One of her neighbors pulls into the parking lot. She doesn’t know them, but decides if they look up and wave, she will ask them to help her.  She’s on the 3rd floor balcony, so it’s possible they won’t even look up that high!

Luckily, they’re friendly, so she explains that her  dog has locked her out of the apartment. She asks them to call maintenance.  In the back of her head, she’s not 100% sure that the deadbolt isn’t locked too, but it’s her only option.

The same maintenance man arrives from the last time she was locked out. That time, Rider locked the deadbolt while she was taking Gracie out to go potty. She was in her PJ’s and slippers and had to walk through the parking lot and up to the front office. The new, not-so-nice front desk girl was reluctant to help her, since she had no ID on her!  Because everyone keeps their ID in their PJ’s??  Luckily, the maintenance man recognized her and ended up having to climb a ladder to that same 3rd floor balcony. Again, lucky for her, the balcony door was not locked.

This time, the deadbolt was NOT locked, and he came in. Those fabulous watch dogs leaped with excitement when he entered. Then, coming into the living room, where Rider could see Alyssa through the sliding glass door, his mood changed. He wasn’t so sure about this maintenance man after all. His fur bristled and he planted himself between Alyssa and the maintenance man.  Alyssa was afraid he just might bite him if he reached for the door handle. With a lot of reassurance, finally, Rider backed up a little and let him unlock the door.


Chilled and a bit embarrassed, Alyssa thanked the maintenance man and he went on his way.  Since Josh was still working, she called me.

“Mom, remember how you get that feeling when I have something wrong? Didn’t you FEEL anything?? I kept thinking, ‘C’mon Mom! I’m concentrating hard about how much trouble I’m in. FEEL ME!!!’ ”  Ha!

I have to admit, around 10 a.m., I kept wanting to call her. But I kept talking myself out of it, thinking, “If she’s asleep, that wouldn’t be good to wake her up on her one day to sleep in.” Or,  “I need to quit calling to check on her, she wants to be independent.” But the thought to call her DID occur to me three times during that hour. I’m not sure what good it would have really done, since her phone was IN the apartment and she was OUT. I would have just assumed she was sleeping.

Anyway, I told her she’s going to have to start blogging about her adventures!  She laughed and went back to bed!

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3 thoughts on “Dog Adventures: Locked Out on the 3rd Floor Balcony!

  1. That’s a funny story! I like the part about her hoping you would somehow be able to sense her distress. That’s something my daughter would say too:)

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