Katie’s Maid of Honor “Toast”

Maid of Honor Toast!Katie was Alyssa’s Maid of Honor at her wedding last weekend. I’d be lying if I said Alyssa wasn’t a little nervous about what she might say!  Katie really didn’t want to do anything except make Alyssa’s wedding as flawless as she could. So, 2 nights before the wedding, she and I sat up late in the living room, brainstorming about what to say.

She REALLY wanted to do the quote from Princess Bride: “Mawwidge. It’s what bwings us togetha today.”
Alyssa was adamant that she not share that little movie tidbit.

So where do modern day Maids go for inspiration? Of course. YouTube. We only went through a few maid of honor toasts when we started running into the ones who were singing their thoughts.  Some told their friendship history. Or their Big Sister History. Some were funny. Some were kind of mean.

Even though Alyssa expressly said she didn’t want any big surprises, we decided to go for it.

Katie chose the song, “We Are the Champions.” It’s a song that we sang over and over in the car on many a car ride. She wanted to have a tune that she was COMPLETELY familiar with.

And then the writing began. Some phrases came easily. Others, we grifted from other maid of honor speeches online. Here’s what she came up with:

Hello, Everyone, I’m Katie, Alyssa’s older sister and Maid of Honor.
First, let me say everything about this evening has been stunning and Alyssa you look gorgeous.
It’s so great that everyone was able to come celebrate with us.
Some people have traveled from pretty far.

Now, to be completely honest, this talking from the heart is a little uncomfortable.
Alyssa is really nervous about what I might say to ya’ll.
Like she didn’t want me to say the movie line, “Mawidge! It’s what bwings us togetha today!”  ::::shrug::::

So, as I’ve always been told, it’s best to play to your strengths . So, I m going to change this up and do this a little differently.

The big day arrived
I tried not to cry
But she looks happy
It brought tears to my eyes.

In our family
She’s the youngest of all
I’ve watched her through stages and phases (and mood swings)
Yet I’ve loved her through it all

I’m sorry Lyss… I couldn’t resist

Now look at you, you’re a bride
And as you’re about to start a new life
We’ll always remember
All of the great times

Like hockey in Alaska
Or your craze about … dogs and cats …and all of your pets

But I digress

Now as for Josh,
You’re not off the hook
Especially now that you’re my new brother-in-law
You’ll not be overlooked

You’ve made a good choice.
She’s beautiful, yes.
But her smashing good looks
Cant compare the qualities that she does possess

She’s strong; she’s brave; she’s loyal to you

They’re such a great couple – you see
They stand side by side so beautifully
Their life together, will be full of adventure
Fishing and dog walks, traveling and sweet talks

So now These are the Newlyweds, my friends.
And They’ll keep on loving till the end
Josh and Alyssa, together forever,
Finally married… after a year and half engagement

Raise your glass!  

….To Alyssa and Josh!

We have 2 videos of The Toast. Here is the one from Cydney. She was able to take one from the side, so you can see Katie singing. But it’s missing the introduction and a couple of first lines.

The 2nd video is from Kaci. She shot it from behind Katie, so you’re able to watch Alyssa and Josh’s reactions…and some of the reception crowd. So funny.

Thank you, Kaci & Cydney!!!


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