Goodbye, AugustI always have a bit of melancholia when we flip the calendar over to September.   Neighbors are into the hustle and bustle of new school years.  Football seasons gear up with excitement.  Yet I have this twinge of sadness – a thought of, “Wait! Slow this all down!”

This time of year reminds me that it’s all simply going too fast. Kids are grown.  Life looks a lot different than it did a few years back. And it looks like an entire lifetime ago when I think of the kids as little…in North Carolina, in Alaska, in California, and in Wichita Falls.

The eighth month of the year over.

Well past the halfway mark on yet another lap around the sun.

I always seem to pause at this point in the year.  And that’s why it feels like some kind of touchstone, worn smooth from pulling it out year after year. Without even meaning to, I think I’ve stood still at this point of time, the end of August, taking a minute to look backward at what’s happened and then forward at what’s ahead.

Time marches on. And even though I love so many things about autumn, saying goodbye to August always makes me a little wistful.


Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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