Goodnight, 2013!

Just a few minutes left in 2013. Doing our typical New Year’s… big dinner, a movie, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin saying goodbye to past year. I don’t really even need to stay up until midnight anymore. Watching the ball drop in Times Square is enough for me.

Times Square 2014

A quick look back at Our 2013… we packed it in as usual!
January 2013
Michael and Kathya were engaged on New Year’s Day.
Katie through Alyssa a big Bling Bridal Shower.
February 2013
Birthday Month (plus a little)
Started our Book Club
March 2013
Greenville trip for Kelly’s art show
Wrote as a columnist for The Homeschooler magazine
April 2013
Alyssa & Josh’s Wedding
May 2013
Michael & Kathya get married in a civil ceremony in Nicaragua
June 2013
Katie’s graduation from the New York Film Academy
Austin Capitol protest
Spontaneous road trip to Joe Zanone’s beach house with high school friends
July 2013
Grandma’s birthday – 83
Took Alyssa and Abby Nunnelly to California to visit Katie
Started work at Managing Editor for The Homeschooler Magazine.
Attended the HSC conference
Happy Anniversary to Ron & me! 26 years!

Michael completed his service in the Peace Corps
First issue of The Homeschooler delivered to subscribers
We all traveled to Nicaragua for Michael & Kathya’s big Catholic wedding
Michael got a job at BSA in Dallas
Katie home for Christmas
Hank had a Christmas Miracle recovery


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