100 Happy Days – Day 1

Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

That’s the challenge. A lot of people say they don’t have time. But I know I do. Sure, I have so many things to do, but I still manage to take ridiculous Buzzfeed quizzes to find out what Downton Abbey character I am most like (Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham) or read Huffington Post articles about procrastination (of all things!).


Sue Patterson

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and despite reckless disregard for my own health, this body has continued to support me for 53 years. That’s something to be happy about, right?

I’m a pretty happy person, overall. But I think I want to deliberately point out what’s going right in my life. What IS making me happy these days?
The Happiness Challenge asks that you post one picture every day, and choose the medium (Twitter, FB, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) And, true-to-form, I immediately have questions:
– Won’t that bug my followers? Day after day for 100 days?
– What about when more than one thing makes me happy that day?
– What if I want to post it on my blog INSTEAD of those media?
– Yeah, I know… I always have to do it differently, right?

I’m going to post here. My own little world, with my own little rules.  I can put more than one if I want. AND, I will link it to Twitter. SO, Brace Yourself for some HAPPINESS!!


In addition to dinner at the Monument Cafe in Georgetown and a movie with Ron, Alyssa, and Josh, I received wonderful texts and phone calls from Michael & Kathya, and Katie – plus tons of beautiful birthday wishes on Facebook.

And my favorite flowers from Alyssa and Josh:

Birthday Lilies

I wish you could smell them! Absolutely Divine!

Join me on the #100HappyDays Challenge!!!! Tell me in the comment section where you’re posting it, so I can follow your happy days too!


One thought on “100 Happy Days – Day 1

  1. So… I didn’t really keep posting my 100HappyDays posts here. Now that I’m on Day 61, I’m not really sure why. I actually have 2 places I’m recording them:

    Here are the pros and cons of each:
    Tumblr is SOO easy to post to. I’ve used it for photo journaling back when I turned 50. I recorded something for every day. I morphed that into my solo Tumblr account. The drawback is that people can’t easily follow it. I’m not Tumblr-savvy enough to really understand, but it’s a hassle for lots of people.

    The WordPress journal is more of a Try-Out. I’m not really being completely dedicated to it. I wanted to find a photo-journal style in WordPress that I’d really like, but so far… eh. Not that great.

    That’s what’s up with the 100HappyDays… still happy, still doing it, still looking for the right place for sharing. 😉

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