100 Happy Days – Day 3

Today, my happiness came from so many things!
I bought the most beautiful comfy cushions for my backyard! Here’s the pattern:

Bright and cheerful!

Bright and cheerful

And then after Kathya got off work, she and Michael drove down for a quick visit. They arrived at Alyssa and Josh’s house around 9 p.m. in their new car. We (Ron, Grandma and I) all went over for a quick hello. The plan is to go to a Belated Birthday Breakfast the next morning.

Michael & Kathya

Michael & Kathya

Michael & Kathya's New Car: The Nissan Versa

Michael & Kathya’s New Car:
The Nissan Versa


One thought on “100 Happy Days – Day 3

  1. So… I didn’t really keep posting my 100HappyDays posts here. Now that I’m on Day 61, I’m not really sure why. I actually have 2 places I’m recording them:

    Here are the pros and cons of each:
    Tumblr is SOO easy to post to. I’ve used it for photo journaling back when I turned 50. I recorded something for every day. I morphed that into my solo Tumblr account. The drawback is that people can’t easily follow it. I’m not Tumblr-savvy enough to really understand, but it’s a hassle for lots of people.

    The WordPress journal is more of a Try-Out. I’m not really being completely dedicated to it. I wanted to find a photo-journal style in WordPress that I’d really like, but so far… eh. Not that great.

    That’s what’s up with the 100HappyDays… still happy, still doing it, still looking for the right place for sharing. πŸ˜‰

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