Alyssa Turns 20

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

No more teens at our house. Well, technically, she hasn’t been in our house for a little while, but now, adolescence in our family is a thing of the past.

I feel a lot like Billy Crystal’s mother on City Slickers when she called at 5 a.m. to replay the story of his birth. I really do relate to that woman. Yet, I didn’t call her at 6 a.m. when I originally woke up, knowing that she would wish for those last few moments of sleep before her alarm goes off… and then when I woke again, it was 9:05 and she was already at work, phone silenced, inaccessible to me.

So after her shift, I sat with her at the nail salon while she got new nails… a birthday gift from Josh. She spared him the irritation of waiting for her there – something he said he’d do if it made her happy, but who really would enjoy that? Well. :::ahem::: Me? Β As we sat and chatted with our Asian nail techs and salon owner, Alyssa related that she was super excited to find 20 texts on her phone wishing her Happy Birthday.

I had written on my own Facebook page, commenting about her birthday and even briefly put her phone number up for those who knew her to text her a Happy Birthday. She doesn’t have Facebook, and I knew she would love it. But putting her number up there seemed like a bad idea, so after a few minutes, I took it down. I decided to message 35 of my friends who know her and ask if they’d send her a Happy Birthday text. I wasn’t sure if anyone would really bother… kind of an odd request. And some of those I wrote to hadn’t seen her in years!

As we’re sitting in the nail salon, her phone begins to beep. Over and over. She glances at the texts, looks up at me and says,
“What have you done?”
“haha! ”
“Did you put this on Facebook?”
“Initially, yes. Then I took it down. But I did write to a few people….”

She loved it! So many lovely comments from people wishing her a wonderful birthday. It really made me happy that so many people responded!

Afterwards, she went home for a while before we all went over to Saltgrass (her fav) for steak dinners. Her friend, Krista, met us over there.

Josh, Alyssa & Krista

Josh, Alyssa & Krista

Josh & Alyssa

Josh & Alyssa

Me, Grandma, Ron

Me, Grandma, Ron

Then back to the house for cake, ice cream, and gifts. Not sure if you can tell in these pictures, but the candle flames MATCH the color of the candles. Yes, I like details.

Alyssa's 20th Birthday

Alyssa’s 20th Birthday

Can you see the colored flames?

Can you see the colored flames?

And then they went home. To their house. Kind of weird.



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