Blogs, Procrastination, Clarity…for now

Sue PattersonI think I do blogs like I do furniture.

I get a little unsettled and everything moves around. Ron doesn’t even notice when the couch isn’t where it was when he left in the morning. I guess he’s just used to it after 27 years of marriage.

I have multiple blogs – some I even forgot I had until the wee hours of last night.  But I was feeling restless about what I was sharing and where I was sharing it.  And, I’m really enjoying the #100HappyDays posts, but wanted a place to “house” them. That, combined with the fact that I’m procrastinating full tilt right now with a magazine that needs to be edited LAST WEEK and a garage sale TOMORROW!  Perfect time to mess around with the blogs, right??

I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, Tumblr can be a little tedious to work with. But I like the photo journal aspect of it. Three years ago, I posted a picture every day, showing a glimpse into what happened to me the year I turned 50. It was a HECKUVA year, too! Menopause, Katie moving to NYC while the hurricane ripped up the east coast, Michael joining the Peace Corps and moving to Nicaragua. Did I mention those last two happened within a week of each other? And Alyssa and Josh got engaged that same year with plans to move out even before then.  Life was wild, and Tumblr captured it all for me in my blog, Five-Ohhh!!!

And then it just sat there. My primary Tumblr blog, reduced to a time capsule that was sealed. Kind of.

I set up an additional Tumblr blog and started recording things there – kind of like a scrapbook. Mainly photos, just a few words to explain. No real “blog posts” per se. But being a secondary Tumblr blog came with some drawbacks. (again, too boring to include, but if you’re interested because you’re trying to figure it out yourself, feel free to ask below and I’ll tell you the whats and the whys.)

So, as usual, my lightbulb moments happen way after midnight. Clarity came and here’s what the plan is:

Lifelong Learning, this one,  will continue to be my blog for writing.

Sue Patterson: What’s Happening These Days… will be my day-to-day posts at Tumblr, about what I’m doing and it will house my #100HappyDays posts. Brief. Updating. Photo Journal style.  With my crummy memory, I love the idea of recording what life looks like for me now. This blog also includes all my photos from Five-Ohhh! – SuePatterson 2014 and Five-Ohh! merged.

And, in a month or so, I’ll have a coaching blog and I’ll let you know about that too!


So! All of that may be way more than you care to know. Ha!! But, like I said, I needed to procrastinate. Thanks for helping me out with that! 😉

C'mon over to the Tumblr blog and Follow me!

C’mon over to the Tumblr blog and Follow me!




Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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