Taking Selfies to a New Level

photo 1-8Selfies seemed to emerge with the younger set crying out, “Look at me!”

And why not?

Life is exciting and fun – and they look great.

But then I read about the  365 feminist selfie project. This seemed to be women in their 20-30’s reclaiming “beauty” and showing people what they look like without make-up in the real world. OK, that too, interesting and commendable.

But it got me thinking…

What about the upper end of middle aged women and older? Everyone gets to determine where that middle is – certainly as I get older, where I put the line at my “middle age” concept moves around too! ha!

I’m not interested in elbowing my way into the definition of beauty. I don’t really care a lot about that. Yet I know a lot of women who still hide from photos or say all kinds of negative things about their waist size, their double chin, or their not-so-awesome hair.  Don’t we all have old photos of ourselves in our 20’s? You know the one that you thought your thighs were massive and you’d love to have thighs like that now!! lol

The same holds true today.

As I’m typing, I’m looking at my 84-year old mom on the couch, reading the paper with her dog. She *does* look much older than I remember her in her sixties. I love those pictures then, and I think I’ll treasure these pictures of her now. I think we should stop pining for our old “look” and start celebrating TODAY.

Here’s the thing – I want to see you. I want to see what your life is like with you IN it now! I don’t care how old you are or how you look. I want us to get over feeling self-conscious about being in the photos.  I know everyone says that those who do tons of selfies are narcissistic. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. But I think there’s a lot of room between the hiding that I know women do and narcissism. I think we should try to find our way through all this.

So, this is a baby step… grab a few friends and create a private little room over on Facebook. 😉

Take a picture of yourself – either alone, with others, doing whatever you do – and upload it.
Every day for 365 days.
Let’s get over ourselves already!

2014 collage

group shots


4 thoughts on “Taking Selfies to a New Level

  1. I love to take photos. Usually everyone is captured except me and I started wondering: “what if I suddenly die? There are no pictures of me. How can my boys see how I looked when they were young?” That was when I started taking selfies. No make-up either, I have 3 young kids. No time or just not important enough to put make up on and make myself pretty. What you see is what you get. I am not on FB, but I am on instagram (http://instagram.com/theartofhomeeducation)

    • Thanks for commenting! I just “followed” you over on Instagram. Love seeing your family. I’ll probably put some of my selfless on Instagram too… don’t want to overwhelm people! lol

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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