Patterson Halloweens!

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today. It’s Halloween 2015 and my kids are all grown and off on their own Halloween adventures. We had soo much fun when they were little – tons of activities to prep for Halloween and then the big day! Usually a party! And, tonight, we’ll go to Alyssa’s house where she and Josh create Halloween memories with their Baby – his first Halloween. Ron, my mom, and I are incredibly fortunate to be able to spend the time with them!

Michael and his wife Kathya are off to parties in Dallas/Irving. They had a fabulous block party last weekend – and from the looks of their Facebook photos, parties all week! So they’re creating awesome Halloween memories of their own.

Katie – who has always adored Halloween more than any other holiday – has plans for the weekend with friends in Los Angeles. Parties last night and more tonight!

All as it should be. But a mama can feel a little wistful for those days, can’t she? Just for a few minutes on Halloween this year?


          Obviously not ALL of them. But here are a few from North Carolina, Alaska, California and Texas.




Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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