My Gratitude Challenge

I’ve decided that I need to focus on gratitude. I’ve noticed that I’ve been suggesting that others focus on gratitude more in their lives – and perhaps that’s exactly what I need to do! So, over on my coaching facebook page, I’ve started a little challenge. Wanna join me? Each day, I will post a link to an article, graphic, or idea about gratitude – just to kick off your day. Then all you have to do is post what you are grateful for in the comments below it. And we’ll do this for every day of November. No worries if you start late, just jump on in. I think we’ll all be surprised at how much brighter our world looks when we focus on being grateful.

Please join me!
It’s free! And it may make a huge positive impact on your life!

7 thoughts on “My Gratitude Challenge

  1. monaalgner says:

    That’s great. I actually practice gratitude every day before I go to bed. I’ve created a gratitude checklist on my blog, maybe you wanna check that out? It’s included in my library of freebies 🙂

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