Gratitude and Graphics

I think I may have been a graphic designer in a former life. Notice that I did NOT say a good graphic designer... But I love creating them, tweaking them, playing with them. And with my new Gratitude Challenge, I've made yet another graphic. I'd love to really learn how to make InfoGraphics - so … Continue reading Gratitude and Graphics


Your Brain on Play

Studies are showing the importance of playing. We've read Peter Gray's fabulous work on the topic. Research is indicating that not only will play lead to more creativity, but it also will help with problem-solving and critical thinking skills. When Michael, now 25, was forced to sit in a classroom all day for Kindergarten and 1st … Continue reading Your Brain on Play


Swim with the Tide

As I prep for the Texas Unschoolers' conference this weekend, I find myself reading a lot more Facebook posts. Parents write desperately about wanting their kids to learn more, show more initiative, stop playing computer games.  They have this image of what they think learning looks like - and their children are not fitting that … Continue reading Swim with the Tide