Goodbye, Hank – RIP

Our beloved Hank the Cowdog was laid to rest on March 5, 2014. Alyssa and Ron were with him to the very final heartbeat. Hank's health was deteriorating and just before Christmas, he was unable to walk and barely lift his head. He was out in the backyard near the fountain. He seemed to have … Continue reading Goodbye, Hank – RIP

parenting young adults

Parenting… It Ain’t What It Used to Be!

We are in the final month of having a teen in our family. It's really hard to believe that "the baby" is turning 20 next month. I mention this, because when they were younger, I never would have thought that "Parenting Tips" would even BE a necessity when kids are grown. Not so. They are … Continue reading Parenting… It Ain’t What It Used to Be!