My Book!

BookCoverI’m so excited that I finally FINISHED my book, Homeschooled Teens. I started collecting information for it in 2011, and now, in 2015, it’s published. 75 young people shared what their lives were like as homeschooled teens.

All the questions you ever wanted to ask – I asked and they answered!

Here are some links you might want:

My Self-publishing page at CreateSpace
Endorsements from some fabulous home education advocates
Amazon Link
My Homeschooled Teens Website
(with more blog posts and resources for Parents of teens)
Sign up for my Parents of Teen Homeschoolers newsletter

 If you’d like to write a review of the book, I’d be forever grateful!
Here are the first two that have been done.
I’ll keep adding here. Would you like to join this list? 😉

Pam Laricchia at Living Joyfully
Lisa Nalbone at her Joyful Learning blog

Let me know what you think, ok? Please comment.

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