My Grown Unschoolers

What I would have given to be able to pick the brain of a mom with grown unschoolers!? When my kids were growing up, I knew a couple of these families, but not too many. It’s so much more common now. This “new” wave of unschooled and homeschooled kids is hitting the ground running! And, I can happily tell you UNSCHOOLING has been a success!!!

We were a military family, moving every 3 years. We lived in San Antonio, North Carolina, Alaska, California, and then back to Texas. As children, my kids have lived on Air Force Bases, in the suburbs, and on a ranch.  We didn’t use standardized testing or break life down into subjects. Our sole focus was to honor their strengths and help them work through any weaknesses they perceived. We worked hard to expose them to all sorts of opportunities – some they didn’t really “click” with, some they tried for a while, and some affected their lives forever.

My 3 Grown Unschoolers:

 In a nutshell, here are a few things my kids have done, were involved with, or hope to do.

Michael, 25.

  • Involved with lots of Community service as a teen
  • Earned the Eagle Scout Award
  • Traveled to Japan as an Exchange Student at 16
  • Prior work/employers:  TxState Radio DJ, campus newspaper reporter, lifeguard, Target cashier
  • Graduated from Texas State University, Magna Cum Laude  Major: Journalism;  Minor: Anthropology/Archaelogy. (Sometimes you just cannot take the Indiana Jones out of a boy!!)
  • Hobbies: Scuba diving, traveling, writing, talking to people
  • His Blog: In the Nica Time
  • Joined the Peace Corps and served in Nicaragua for 2 years
  • Married Kathya Aleman, from Nicaragua, in December 2013
  • Returned to the U.S. and was hired as an executive director for Boy Scouts of America in Irving, Texas.
  • He and Kathya are enjoying life as a newlyweds exploring Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Katie, 23

  • Started in Community Theatre at age 10
  • Has done commercial work and the independent film, ButcherBoys
  • Completed 3 semesters of community college
  • Prior jobs/employers: Cinemark, Barnes & Noble, Applebees, Dance instructor
  • As a teen, she liked writing fan fiction and performing
  • Hobbies now: writing, singing, dance classes, Zumba, watching movies, shooting film
  • Studied 1 year with the New York Film Academy (NYFA) in NYC
  • Completed her 2nd year with NYFA in Los Angeles at Universal Studios receiving an Associate Degree in Fine Arts  (Endings and Beginnings)
  • Has a Facebook Fan Page: Kaitlin Jean Patterson
  • Her goal is to be able to make a living in the acting industry. Katie’s IMDB
  • Currently living in Los Angeles area, working on various acting projects and teaching dance on the side.

Alyssa - 19Alyssa, 20

  • Worked as an Intern at an Organic Makeup store in Austin at 14
  • Went to public high school briefly (sophomore & 1/2 of Junior year), making all A’s & B’s
  • Competitive cheerleader for 1 year
  • High School Dance Team for 1+ year
  • Completed a 10 month Vidal Sassoon Cosmetology program (Avenue Five)
  • Has her Cosmetology license, plus a variety of additional certifications
  • Currently works at a salon in Cedar Park
  • Has a Siberian Husky named Gracie & a Belgian Malinois named Rider
  • Hobbies: Anything about Animals, Pinterest, fishing, hair & make-up, dance, babies
  • Married Josh Braddock, a local firefighter on April 26, 2013
  • She is looking forward to starting a family and unschooling her own children. Baby is due in March 2015!!! ❤
Cookie Exchange

In Action – at my Cookie Exchange handing out prizes!

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14 thoughts on “My Grown Unschoolers

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  4. Sue, I have a weekly internet show on Toginet Radio called The Sociable Homeschooler and would love to have you as my guest one week to talk about unschooling. I’ve been doing the show for nearly 4 years now and have had a wide range of guests and love to get new Mums and new perspectives. It airs on Fridays at 12noon CT and if you are interested please drop me a line and I’ll give you more information.

    Vivienne McNeny

  5. Sue, it is so delightfully strange that Katie looks how I remember you! Also, do take up Vivienne on her internet radio show. She’s very nice and its great fun. You can listen to the show I did here:

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