Gratitude and Journals

The world can bombard us with negatives: frightening news events, inconsiderate people, disappointing interactions. But research is showing that cultivating a sense of gratitude can help us switch our focus and remind us of the good things happening in our life right now. Establishing a daily practice of identifying “What Went Right Today,” and feeling … Continue reading Gratitude and Journals


Taking Selfies to a New Level

Selfies seemed to emerge with the younger set crying out, "Look at me!" And why not? Life is exciting and fun - and they look great. But then I read about the  365 feminist selfie project. This seemed to be women in their 20-30's reclaiming "beauty" and showing people what they look like without make-up in … Continue reading Taking Selfies to a New Level

Pass the Bean Dip?

Over the years, moms have shared ways to cleverly remove themselves from awkward situations. One of these methods is frequently referred to as, “Pass the Bean Dip.” The saying was circulated a lot on message boards from the late 1990's and early 2000's. Some attribute the saying to someone named Joanne at The Well-Trained Mind … Continue reading Pass the Bean Dip?