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jess and sueI’m the Managing Editor of The Homeschooler Post .  I am so proud to be part of this incredible project. The Homeschooler is changing from a subscription based, quarterly national hard-copy and PDF magazine to a free online journal. This metamorphosis is happening now! So be sure to sign onto our Facebook Page to stay current in all that’s happening. You won’t want to miss anything!

Here’s a little video I did earlier this month (August 2015) explaining some of the changes.

The Homeschooler Post will continue to be the awesome learning journal for parents that it’s always been. Our writers invite you to look a little deeper and  explore the why with regards to the learning that is happening with our children. Resources, advice, and inspiration – that’s the kind of articles you’ll continue to receive.

Each week, we will publish a new article from one of our fabulous columnists (see below.) We will also publish past articles that were, prior to now, only seen by subscribers. Advertising will support this new method and all we ask is that you SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! “Like” and comment boxes are available on every article. So don’t just nod and smile – tell us what you think! Tell your friends what you think too!

Our Columnists:

  • Cathy EarleBrainWaves – the latest on research that pertains to learning
  • Pam SorooshianWhat About Math? – get over your math anxieties and certainly don’t pass them on to your kids!
  • Rebecca RuppViews and Reviews – find out about great books and resources available
  • Deb Lewis – John Holt Series – learn more about the modern this innovative educational activist, writers, and advocate
  • Sandra Dodd – Unschooling Around the World – interviews with fascinating unschoolers from…all around the world!
  • JJ RossThe News and You – plucked from the headlines!
  • Michelle BaroneAsk the Homeschool Therapist – thoughtful answers to common struggles
  • Wes BeachTeen Time – helpful info for homeschooling your teenager
  • Michelle ConawayGetting Tech Savvy – how to work technology into your learning
  • Roya DedeauxCreatively Speaking – art and parenting all mixed together
  • Jon BachDadSpeak – from a dad’s perspective
  • Diane Kallas and Barbara AlwardThe Handwringers – funny and insightful
  • Grown Homeschoolers – what was it like and what are they doing now?

We are always looking for new writers, so be sure to check back at the website for details!


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