Unschooling Mom2Mom

unschoolingI know, I shouldn’t exclude the dads. And there are some FABULOUS unschooling dads out there – my husband Ron is one of them! But for now, I’m envisioning evenings in Alaska. I was a new unschooling mom, although I didn’t really even know what that meant. I was just bent on forging our own unique path. We’d sit at a coffee shop in Eagle River, Jitters, and talk about learning and motivation and making time for everything. We supported each other and had a wonderful time living and learning alongside our children.

So that’s what I visualize this part of my blog… grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever, and let’s chat.

All of my Unschooling Blogposts 🙂

Would you prefer one-on-one coaching?
That’s available too!

Looking for our lively Facebook group of veteran unschooling moms fielding questions and sharing insights?
Come on over!

Unschooling Mom2Mom


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