The Unschooling Pinterest Connection

Pinterest?When I first stumbled upon Pinterest, I had no idea what I was playing with. Initially, it seemed like a fairly simple bookmarking system for those more visually inclined. This worked for me, because I am. But as word of Pinterest spread and I became more adept at using it, I felt like something new was really dawning.

I really wish Pinterest had been available when my kids were younger. To be able to surf other people’s collections on various topics would have been a lifesaver. Instead, I waited at park days or mom’s nights for someone to share their favorite homeschooling catalog. Then I’d sift through trying to tell what was truly fun from simply good marketing.  And when we first started homeschooling, we didn’t even have internet access! Imagine! “Dial-Ups” were slow, and you’d often find yourself knocked offline.

But what a difference a decade or two makes!

My kids are grown, so I don’t personally use a lot of the unschooling information I’ve collected anymore. But I envision a day when they will have kids of their own. And the internet will bring so many previously unimaginable resources to their laptops and IPads… or whatever is the new gadget du jour.  And I’m going to be ready!!  So, while I’m collecting all this great information, I’m thrilled to be able to help other unschoolers  figure out how to approach learning in a new and innovative way.

The original Unschooling Blog Carnival Pinterest page will now also host an

Unschooling Pinterest Carnival

(You will need a Pinterest account to go to our Pinterest Carnival. If you don’t already have an account with them, no worries! Send me your email address and I will get you an invitation to join.)

Our “boards” will  each have a particular focus. For instance, this week, I have added:

UBC Pinterest Boards

                        • Greek Mythology
                        • Science Experiments
                        • Parenting Tips
                        • Hair & Make-Up
                        • Just for Fun
                        • Solar System
                        • Whales

You won’t find typical schoolish resources. Instead, I’ll share links and websites that will inspire and fuel your family’s learning. If not today, maybe sometime down the road.  Don’t miss out on all the fun!

Feel free to send me ideas that you’re looking for, in an email, comment here, or at the Unschooling Blog Carnival website


8 thoughts on “The Unschooling Pinterest Connection

    • sue patterson says:

      Daidri, where are you seeing the error? I got your other comment saying you could see the page.
      Did you mean something went wrong going to the Pinterest page?

    • lyn says:

      nevermind, i think the link in the article doesnt work, but when I went to the “follow” link, it worked.

  1. sue patterson says:

    Hmmm… I can’t really figure out why people are having trouble with some of the links. When I click them, they work. I will try to look from other computers, to see if I can see where the snag is.

    In the meantime, here is the URL for the Link:

    Thanks for letting me know when you’re having trouble with it.

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