Pass the Bean Dip?

Over the years, moms have shared ways to cleverly remove themselves from awkward situations. One of these methods is frequently referred to as, ‚ÄúPass the Bean Dip.‚ÄĚ The saying was circulated a lot on message boards from the late 1990's and early 2000's. Some attribute the saying to someone named Joanne at The Well-Trained Mind … Continue reading Pass the Bean Dip?

Don’t Do It!

Normally, I don't write¬†anti-school blogposts. Many wonderful families who love their children use the school system and many more see school as their ticket to the American Dream. That's fine. I'm usually perfectly okay¬†with people making decisions that differ from mine.But this time of year, I have twinge that doesn't want to go away. It … Continue reading Don’t Do It!


Swim with the Tide

As I prep for the Texas Unschoolers' conference this weekend, I find myself reading a lot more Facebook posts. Parents write desperately about wanting their kids to learn more, show more initiative, stop playing computer games. ¬†They have this image of what they think learning looks like - and their children are not fitting that … Continue reading Swim with the Tide

backyard fog

100 Happy Days – Day 5

Today the cold front blew through and that really makes me happy. Not necessarily the cold, but the fog. I watched the birds go from bird feeder to bird feeder through the mist all morning. Loved it.   #100HappyDays